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Musical Equipment & Accessories       


We carry many different new and used products. Please check with us for current availability.
Instructional Videos:

We sell a complete line of teaching videos for guitar, piano, fiddle, steel guitar, and other instruments.

These are manufactured by Texas Video and are great for any skill level.

Contact us for a complete list.  


George L,  Ernie Ball,  Jagwire,  SIT brands for guitar, steel, or other instruments.


BJS, Ernie Ball, Red Rajah.
Picks: We sell finger picks and flat picks.  Ernie Ball and other brands. 
Tuners: Various brands available

PA Equipment:

Various brands. New & Used. 
Effects Units:  Various brands. New & Used.
Hardware:  Music stands, mic stands.
Cables:   Microphone, speaker cables, guitar cables.
Volume Pedals: Goodrich volume pedals and products. 
MIDI Software & Hardware: Cakewalk, Band in the Box, MidiMan products, etc.

We have good prices and lots of support for you - please call for a quote.

We value your business and welcome your input.

If you are unsatisfied with a product, please call us for an exchange or refund.


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