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Billy Phelps,
Texas Steel Guitar Player of the Year 2000

Billy Phelps playing his Red Carter D-10 at the Steel Guitar Extravaganza in 1998 at Atlanta, Georgia, USA
If you are planning a trip to (or live in) the Katy, Texas area, or will be able to attend any of the shows where I am playing, and you would like to see and hear me play, please check out my Gig Schedule ... or you may email me directly to ask for the latest updates at fcsound@aol.com.

Sound Samples of my playing to an abbreviated version of "Way to Survive":

Billy Phelps' E9/C6 Tunings

 Top             Pedals                             Knee Levers
  E9    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    LKL LKV LKR RKL RKR LKL3 LKV3 LKR3
  F#                                          G#
  Eb                                          E          D,C#
  G#        A
  E             F#                        F           Eb
  B     C#      C#                                Bb          A
  G#        A                                                 F#
  F#                                          G#
  E                                       F           Eb
  D                                                       C#
  B     C#                                        Bb          A

Bottom          Pedals                             Knee Levers
  C6    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    LKL LKV LKR RKL RKR LKL2 LKV2 LKR2
  G                     F#                                              A
  E                 Eb      F
  C                             D                     B       C#        D
  A                             B                         G#       Bb
  G                     F#
  E                 Eb      Eb
  C                                 C#                B       C#        D
  A                                                       G#
  F                     F#          E
  C                     D           A


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